Sunday, September 23, 2012

What an Educational Blog Post Should Be Like


  Last weekend, my son asked me why leaves of trees are losing their green, which I couldn’t answer in a way he could understand well. All I had to say was just ‘to prepare the winter.’ I could look up my encyclopedia to find the terms and explanations but the problem was the terms and long explanations were not something he was wanted. What he really wanted to know was what the colors have to do with preparing the winter and how trees can feel the winter is coming soon.

The post entitled “Why Do Leaves Change Color? Video and Graphic” seems to show exactly what my boy was seeking. It was so valuable to me for the following several reasons.


1)     The post contained some the carefully selected links to videos and pictures with terms, which you don’t have to create your own version because there are so many. Instead, the blogger just browse and selected the best material for its educational purpose for his viewers including teachers and learners.

2)     The post was short and interesting, adapted to its viewers. Yes, this is another aspect we should not forget. Sometimes we encounter very long posts that discourage you to read on screen. When you, as a bloggers, browse the Internet, long and complicated posts are more likely to fail to interest your viewer. There are a variety of viewers of your blog. If the blog are to contribute your educational purpose, your posts should be simple and clear. Long posts do not guarantee that you are smart.

3)     The content was very timely. Another important advantage of using blog for educational purpose is that it could provide information that learners need right away, which regular textbooks or handouts cannot give.

  There were so many blog posts related to education and technology but this impressed and taught me the most. It did not contain much information on how to use technology as an educator, but it just showed me how we can use blogs in a meaningful way both to me and to my son.

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