Wednesday, November 28, 2012

An Idea for Using Podcast for Your English Class

   Usingpodcast for language class has many advantages. One of the most important features of podcasts is that students can use it outside of class when they feel like doing it.
   I am going to give you an example of using podcast for your English class. The podcast I am going to use here is:

ESL Podcast Episode 169 Describing People (if it doesn't open, click below URL)

  Like many other podcasts in ESL POD website, this podcast contains a short dialogue and explanation by native speakers. English curriculum in my country has specific functions that students are expected to perform in English and among them are describing people or things in English. So, when we cover this communicative function, we can use this podcasts as an assignment.

Let’s say we had a lesson that covered various adjectives describing people’s look such as “attractive, bald, chubby, beautiful, blonde, fat, fit, gorgeous, adorable, slim, skinny, fat, curly, tall, muscular or ordinary.” You might not want to just explain the adjectives in your book; you also want your students to explore many other words that can be found in authentic situation. (Here are more adjectives to describe people’s look) So, after learning some of expressions that you can use to describe people’s appearance, you can have your students to listen to the podcast and find many other adjectives and expressions to describe looks. According to their level of proficiency, you can make some variations such as “listening to the podcast and finding 5 more adjectives from the dialogue and 5 more expressions from the explanations.”  Once they finish their work, you can listen to the podcast once again in your class to check their performance.
Model dialogue used in this podcast
Gilles: Hey, what are you looking at?
Nora: Oh, these? They’re pictures from my trip back home last month.
Gilles: Let’s have a look. So, who’s this?
Nora: That’s my sister and that’s my cousin Keira.
Gilles: Your sister looks nothing like you. You’re fair and she has dark hair and dark eyes. Now, you look much more like your cousin.
Nora: Yeah, that’s true. Keira and I both have heart-shaped faces, thin lips, fat cheeks, and bushy eyebrows . Gorgeous!
Gilles: You don’t give yourself enough credit. Why do you think every one of your guy friends is interested in you? Hey, who’s the little girl?
Nora: Oh, that’s my cousin Adriano’s daughter. She’s seven. She’s very pretty as you can see and has the most beautiful wavy hair. That’s her baby brother who was just born in April.
Gilles: Oh, man, he’s so cute. That pudgy face, curly hair, and big eyes! He’s adorable.
Nora: Yeah, I think he looks just like me.
Gilles: Hmmm…I think I’d better stop complimenting you. It’s going straight to your head.


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  1. This post could be a very practical guide for anyone teaching vocabulary describing people. Thanks for the links.