Saturday, November 3, 2012

I want a puppy. How about you? - Using ‘bookr’ for your storytelling lesson

Good language learners are eager to find many opportunities for communication. By using learners’ own information or by having them to express their preference for the topics they are familiar with, teachers can motivate them to communicate. For example, everyone has his or her favorite animals or pets. Especially, young learners love animals. Whether they have a pet or not, they certainly have their own preference of pets. Just let them express the idea using pictures since good storybooks mostly have beautiful pictures in them. Here is my sample work. With the beautiful pictures and beautiful ideas, bookr can make the language learning more active and meaningful. Students will be interested in showing both their own ideas on pets and others pet stories.

The lesson objectives can be like these:
1) Pedagogical Objectives: Students will be able to compare more than two animals and express their love for animals.
2) Language Objectives: Students will be able to tell the differences of pets and tell why they love the pet using pictures.

daydreaming vs dreaming by cappuccino_iv
daydreaming vs dreaming, a photo by cappuccino_iv on Flickr.

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